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  • What is the Platform? is a one-stop solution for the game pre-production stage. It is a creative hub designed to assist you in researching, generating and developing game concepts. It uses state-of-the-art AI technologies to provide a range of features that bring together AI text generation, AI image generation, and AI-powered semantic search.

  • Does create playable games or prototypes?

    No, it does not. What does is help rapidly speed up the game research, ideation, and asset generation process by providing game developers with a suite of AI-powered tools.

    These tools include the ability to ideate games based on trends and charts and generate concept art and game elements to be added to your game design documents.

  • What kind of games can help me with? (genres, platforms, etc.) is only limited by your imagination. has the ability to ideate and generate elements for any game genre or platform.

  • How is different from ChatGPT, Bard, and the like? uses its own language generation models, trained on its own database of millions of video games. is self-sufficient and is not an API that plugs into and relies on ChatGPT. Our models are specialized in gaming and game design, and will achieve their best performance in this specific domain.

  • How is Ludo different from Midjourney, Scenario, and the like?

    Unlike other platforms that only generate images or artwork, is a complete AI-powered suite designed with game developers and designers in mind.

    Ludo combines text generation and image generation seamlessly, offering our users a complete multi-modal ideation experience. Ludo's image generation models are highly specialized in generating gameplay images, game concept art, game icons, and feature graphics.

  • Is my information and data safe on the platform?

    Yes, we prioritise the security and privacy of your data. We adhere to strict data protection measures and industry standards to ensure your information is kept secure. Your creative inputs and interactions are confidential and used solely to improve help us improve the platform. We do not train AI models on your game concepts, interactions with Ludo, or any other private information.

  • Who retains ownership of the content generated by Ludo?

    The individual who initiates the generation of content using the AI platform is recognized as the full owner of that content. This ownership extends to all types of media, including images, text, and other creative outputs produced through the platform's services. As the recognized owner, the user has the freedom to utilize, share, or even monetize the generated content according to their discretion.

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