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Make Informed Game Development uses data-driven insights to help you stay on top of the market and invest in truly promising concepts, making our AI the perfect partner to enhance your ideation process.
Harness AI for Market AnalysisWith the power of AI, identifies and surfaces trends and patterns on te market, making it easier than ever to chose themes and content for your next hit game.
Comprehensive Game Development ResourceGame & Image Search, Stats, Top Charts, Image Generation, and more – all consolidated in one destination for a truly efficient start to your game development journey.
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PlatformerSwipe to crushEndless RunnerRacingTycoon
Choose the game theme
Intergalactic SpaceZombie ApocalypseChristmasAnimal ZooWater World
Choose the graphic style
Any graphicsLow-poly2DIsometric
Orbiting ManThe game revolves around controlling an astronaut to jump from planet to planet with a rocket. The player uses a single button to jump. The astronaut can also perform a double jump. The objective is to get to the star and back safely with the help of the astronaut.
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dragon mania legends
dragon farm adventure, dragon master, dragon city mobile
Dragon Mania LegendsDragon City MobileDragon Mania Legends
spiritual gods
sacred summons, summoner, ancient land
Lost Era: Immortal LegendMyths of MoonriseSacred Summons NA
match master
match paradise, match pair, identical object
Match Master 3D!Match Triple 3D - Tile ConnectMatch Pair 3D - Matching Game
dessert diy
cupcake stack, ice cream inc, stack baking
Popsicle StackCoffee StackIce Cream Inc.
spider solitaire
solitaire experience, tableau pile build, spiderette
Spider Solitaire - Card GameSpider Solitaire: Card GamesSpider Solitaire Classic Games
superhero merge
mutant master, merge rainbow, monster long leg
Merge Chain Saw 3D RunMutant MasterMerge Super - Hedgehog Fight
Level up your game development with
Game Ideation and Creation
Generate new game concepts at the push of a button
Build your next chart-topping game by entering your own game ideas, combining existing games, or just let surprise you.
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Game Ideation and Creation
Game Ideation and Creation
Game Ideation and Creation
Trends Monitoring
Quickly get up-to-date with the market trends, every day! aggregates games by topics, and lets you know what’s trending. No more digging through top chart lists!
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Smart Research
Supercharge your research and analysis with’s AI-powered game search
Stay ahead of the market by easily sorting through, filtering and making sense of millions of games, game icons and game screenshots.
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Smart Research
Smart Research
Smart Research
Organize and Boost Productivity
Save hours of game design assists you in expanding your ideas, creating new characters, mechanics and stories, and creating well organized documents to share with your team
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Smart Research
Smart Research
Smart Research
What People Are Saying
Ludo has become an essential part of our process when we begin to create a new game. It is there to help at every step of the game development process. We’re huge supporters of AI, and we’d recommend Ludo to any game developer.
Co-founder, SIFOR
The integration of Ludo into our ideation process helps us to target trends in the market, boost creativity, and streamline the ideation process.
Co-founder, IzyPlay
Pocket Gamer
Ludo is an integral part of every studio's games ideation process.
Pocket Gamer In The Press
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