Case Study: SIFOR accelerates the game ideation process thanks to Ludo

SIFOR is an indie game studio that creates hyper-casual games using cutting edge AI tools throughout the entire development process. Based in Turkey and Syria, the studio is dedicated to making quality games that are popular in the MENA region, and across the globe.

The studio’s focus is the hyper-casual space, one of the most rapidly growing genres in the industry, covering over 45% of mobile gaming downloads. However, due to its increasing popularity, SIFOR needs to be able to adapt quickly to keep up to date with the current climate, industry trends, and popular titles. Using AI technology at each stage, from pre-production to the release, provides the flexibility for SIFOR to evolve its ideas, resulting in many unique and exciting games, such as Heist Party and Laser Spyder.

The Brief

The ever-evolving nature of the hyper-casual genre means it is imperative for developers to keep a finger on the pulse of what is connecting with players - but this can be a real challenge. Time is an incredibly important currency, and how that time is used and shared among team members is key.

Game development is a highly pressurised environment, and while creating fresh ideas that keep the player engaged is of the utmost importance, so is understanding what ideas and mechanics cut through with players.

Ali Al Hamwi, Co-founder and CEO at SIFOR explains: “We create cutting edge games that no one has ever experienced before. Coming up with ideas requires frequent brainstorming sessions with our team. Before Ludo, these sessions would take a lot of time and often they were not very efficient. It was clear we needed a tool to help us achieve our goals, something to add to our inspiration and improve our output of games. So when we discovered Ludo, we could immediately see the benefits it offers to smaller studios.

The Process

Ludo supports studios that may be finding it difficult to come up with fresh ideas for their upcoming games. The platform gives developers a helping hand during the ideation process. With its wide variety of tools, ranging from Game Concept creation to an AI Image Generator and data-driven Daily Trends and Top Charts, Ludo really is the game developer’s best friend.

To meet the demands of game development in a highly competitive sector, SIFOR needed a tool like Ludo. Al Hamwi continues: “Before Ludo when we would have discussions with the team on concepts for our upcoming games, it could last for days. When I found Ludo on Google, I tried it out and was blown away by how quickly it worked and how easy it was to use. A process that was previously taking days now takes seconds! I especially love the Daily Trends feature, it’s so helpful in determining what route to go down when we’re crafting our next game, whether this is in terms of gameplay ideas, story or genre.

The Results

Ludo has become an essential part of our process when we begin to create a new game. It is there to help at every step of the game development process, it works so well when we are brainstorming new concepts. We’ll go to the Daily Trends tab, identify some ideas that we like, write them down and then run them through the Game Ideator to see what it produces.” - Ali Al Hamwi continues.

Using Ludo, SIFOR has accelerated its game development process, creating over fifty games within the last year. Incorporating Ludo into brainstorming sessions, the studio has been able to keep on top of the competitive market and focus on creating great games.

Ludo has many tools, including its data centre where users are able to access popular, and up and coming games across all platforms. This is one of SIFOR’s favourite tools.

Al Hamwi adds: “For us, and all indie studios, it’s so key to know what games players are interested in. Using Ludo’s Daily Trends feature and the sheer amount of data it provides, we can understand this. It gives us all the information we need in this regard. Since incorporating Ludo into our development strategy, we have felt more in tune and confident in the game we are creating.

Ludo’s tools give SIFOR a solid foundation to ideate new concepts for its next hit game. Al Hamwi comments: “Ludo gives studios the ability to be more creative. You can pick up an idea and run with it, and if it doesn’t work out, you don’t feel like you’ve lost hours or even days of your life. We’re huge supporters of AI, and we’d recommend Ludo to any game developer.

Ludo’s CEO Tom Pigott is thrilled to see the success of SIFOR and loves its approach to using the platform: “SIFOR is a proponent of AI, the studio uses it throughout the development process, and I think this is why Ludo is such a great match for them. Its tools support SIFOR to continue developing games with really interesting concepts and gameplay features. We’re so happy to have SIFOR using our platform, and we look forward to seeing the great games they will create with our toolkit in the future.




Ludo provides all the tools necessary to seamlessly brainstorm every component of a mobile game. The games industry is competitive, dynamic, and constantly evolving in the current digital age. Revolutionise your game development by integrating Ludo into your ideation phase, which will keep you in pace with the industry. There has never been a better time to try Ludo! With a Free Tier subscription, all of Ludo’s features are now available to all. If you’re a developer about to embark on your next game creation journey make sure to make Ludo a part of it!

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