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Introducing's New Chat Assistant


Chat Assistant

chat_assistant_ui.png We're excited to announce the launch of a new chat feature on, designed to elevate your game design process! This intuitive tool allows you to interact with in a conversational manner, making it easier than ever to:

  • Learn about tools Ask questions about how to use the platform
    • What is the game ideator and how can I use it?
  • Generate ideas and get game design assistance Request the generation of new game ideas, of specific game elements, or ask any other game design questions.
    • Write a character for a futuristic racing game
    • Generate an idea for a city-building game with magic.
    • How can a swiping mechanic be used in a FPS game?
  • Stay updated on trends Receive real-time insights on the latest market trends and top charts, and make questions about them.
    • What are the current trends in action games?
    • Are there any FPS games currently in the top charts?
  • Game search If you mention specific games in your message or ask Ludo to search for some games, Ludo will try to find those games in an up-to-date database of 2.5M games, and use them to give you a factual answer.
    • Whats unique about
    • I'm looking for FPS games with low poly graphics
  • Generate and edit images Create and refine visual assets through simple commands.
    • Generate a steampunk airship concept art
    • Edit the character to add a glowing sword

This experimental feature aims to streamline your workflow and boost creativity. We still offer all the tools you already know, providing the highest quality results with all the options and information you need. But the Chat Assistant provides a central point where you can interact with most tools on the platform in a conversational manner. See some more examples below.

assistant_icon.png assistant_search.png assistant_ideation.png assistant_trends.png assistant_help.png assistant_top_charts.png assistant_new.png assistant_art.png assistant_edit.png

New LLM powering Ludo

Along with the new chat assistant, we now have a more capable Language Learning Model (LLM) powering all text generation features.

You should get more relevant and coherent results in the Game Ideator and Game Concept tools, and higher quality responses in the Ask Ludo feature in the Game Concept tool. This upgrade ensures that your interactions with are more efficient and productive, helping you craft the next hit game with ease.

New Game Ideation UI


We have revamped the Game Ideator user interface to offer more information and about the generated game ideas, and include current market context. game_ideas_short.jpggame_ideas_panel.jpgFor each game idea, you can now see:

  • Similar Trending Games Similar or related games that are currently in the top charts (click for additional information)
  • Similar Games Similar games found in all games ever released in Play Store, App Store, or Steam.
  • Related Game Trends Related trending game topics (click for additional information)
  • Generation Parameters What were the inputs used to generate this game idea

With this information, you can make better informed choices without leaving the game ideation tool, speeding up the brainstorming and research process.

To try the new UI, simply head over to the Headquarters or the Game Ideator and generate some new game ideas.

Improved image generation quality and editing capabilities


Improved image quality

We’ve rolled out a number of improvements to our image generator that improve the quality of the generated images, specifically:

  • Images now generally have more and better details.
  • Improved image contrast and clarity.
  • Results are now more diverse: when the same image generation prompt is used, you can now expect more different and varied results.

Example of 3 image generations with the prompt “endless runner”:


Image edition with instructions

When editing images, you can now write in the prompt what you want changed in the image.

To use this feature, click on the Edit button in one of the images in the image generator (or in the Game Concept tool), and then type in your modification instruction in the prompt. image_edition.jpg Notice that the image strength dictates how much the original image should be preserved. So, if you want to make large modifications to your image, you should set the strength lower.

Possible instructions include:

  • Add new elements
  • Removing or modify existing elements
  • Replace some elements with something else
  • Change the color scheme, setting, or style.

Here’s an example: image_edition_demo.jpg

Ludo's Major Update: Smarter AI, More Creativity, and Trend Insights


We’re excited to announce a major update to Ludo, bringing you a host of new features and improvements across the board.

New LLM powering Ludo AI

We've introduced a powerful new language model (LLM), trained on a significantly larger dataset of gaming and game development knowledge, and with a larger context window.

This upgrade, combined with a new inference infrastructure, delivers significantly faster generations, better chat and game concept interactions, and overall higher quality and higher relevance results.

Game Ideator and Image Generator with history

You can now see all your previous generations in the Game Ideator and Image Generator. You can now easily go back to one of your previously generated ideas and start generating new ones based on it.


Input suggestions in the Game Ideator

Don’t know where to start? Ludo now gives you a hand. We analyse current trends and your past activity to give you suggestions for inputs to use in the Game Ideator tool. Try them out or combine them with your own inputs.

image (1).webp

Improved trends

We added clear titles for trending topics, and added a new sorting option for topics: "Uniqueness". You can now list the trending game topics or new releases game topics by originality. Get inspired by unexpected game trends.

image (2).webp

Trending topics as inputs throughout the platform

Across the Headquarters, Game Ideator, Image Generator, Search, Trends, and Market Analysis, you can now use as input a trending topic. Just start typing and Ludo will search for relevant trending topics, which you can add to your inputs.

image (5).webp

Improved image generation creativity

The creative mode in the Image Generator has been greatly improved. Even when your input is simple and minimal, Ludo can now generate a good variety of elaborate and detailed images.

image (3).webp

New element types and better images in Game Concepts

We’ve added new sections to the Game Concept related to Monetization: Monetization Model; In-App Purchases; and Live Events. You can now more easily get help from Ludo to turn your game into a commercial success.

image (4).webp

Your feedback and support have been invaluable in shaping Ludo into the powerful tool it is today. We encourage you to dive in and explore all the new features and improvements. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions as we continue to refine and enhance the platform.

Auto Game Concept


Get ready for "Auto Game Concept," a revolutionary feature set to transform your game development process. With just a selection of a generated game idea, Ludo will automatically craft a comprehensive game concept for you. This includes detailed sections on mechanics, features, characters, and more, accompanied by vivid images. It’s like having a creative brainstorming partner that not only suggests ideas but also fleshes them out into complete game concepts, making your creative process smoother and more efficient.

Just click "Select this idea" in a generated game concept and then choose one of the templates (or make your own!)


"Ask Ludo" Chatbot


We're thrilled to introduce "Ask Ludo," our newest feature in the Game Concept tool. This advanced AI chatbot is designed to interactively assist you in refining and developing your game ideas. Whether you need quick suggestions, feedback, or guidance on your game concepts, "Ask Ludo" is here to provide immediate, intelligent support. This innovative tool is a testament to our commitment to enhancing the game development process with AI-driven solutions, making ideation more interactive and efficient than ever.

Improved Image Generator

2023-12-27 is proud to introduce our new and improved Image Generator, developed specifically for Indie Game Developers and Video Game Studios. While we have made various iterations and upgrades to our Image Generator tool in the past, this marks a significant milestone in the evolution of’s image generation technology.

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 09.25.08.png

Video Generator


We've recently launched a beta version of our Video Generator feature. This new tool allows for text-to-video, video-to-video, and image-to-video conversions, providing a useful, albeit preliminary, way to visualize game concepts. While still in the development phase, it offers a unique opportunity for users, especially indie studios, to experiment with different styles and presentations of their game ideas. This feature is part of our ongoing effort to enhance the game development experience with innovative tools.

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