Stay inspired and up-to-date in your Homepage

Select a genre, a game, or some keywords, and Ludo will get you the latest related trends, similar games, and will make suggestions custom tailored to you. Come back every day for up to date, fresh content!


All major game stores in one place, seamlessly integrated

Ludo keeps track of all games in the App Store, Play Store, Itch.io, and Steam. Over 1.2 million games are currently indexed by Ludo, with the list growing on a daily basis with all the new releases.

Use the Ideator to generate new game concepts

  • Provide any number of genres, textual hints, or game mechanics, and let Ludo generate new game ideas.
  • Blend any number of existing games to generate new game concepts.
  • Get visual inspiration for the generated game concepts, and detailed game mechanics.

Explore the Top Charts

View the App Store and Play Store top charts. Save any games you like, search for similar games, or generate new games based on the top chart games.


Keep your favorite content in one place, and share it with others

  • Create a project and save any images, games, or generated content that you find interesting.
  • Share any content with others with the Slack integration.

Collaborate on your next game with the Game Design Document

  • Use your saved favorites and generated content to begin drafting a GDD.
  • If you are stuck, ask Ludo for suggestions:  Ludo will scan your document and complete any section that you need assistance with.
  • Export the final document to a PDF and share it with teammates or publish it on Slack

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