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Stay Ahead of Your Competition with Daily Trends

  • Research the latest trending topics and hit games across all stores 
  • Stay ahead of your competition with the newest game releases and new game topics, updated daily
  • Discover new mechanics and features for your next hit game
  • Gain unique insight to which games are rising in the charts and which are falling


5x Your Productivity with the Game Ideator

  • Create dozens of original game ideas in an hour with our Game Ideator tool
  • Save hundreds of hours brainstorming and have more time creating games
  • Blend two or more hit games together to create unlimited new game ideas
  • Choose a trending topic or write your own keywords to start creating new game ideas
  • Your team will experience a 10x increase in the number of game concepts they can create.
  • Helps you generate an extra day worth of productivity each month
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Easily Generate Game Elements for Your Game Idea

  • Fast and easy way to create new characters, mechanics, game plots, levels, and much more
  • Reduce your game design time by 50%
  • Let Ludo generate most of your game elements in minutes! 
  • Save hours of work and free up your day to build your game


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