Press Release: Ludo, The AI Gamestorming Platform, adds new ‘Team Tier’ subscription and collaboration features to keep creativity flowing for remote studio teams

For just $50 per month, with a 30-day free trial, remote game design teams can turbocharge their creativity with the Ludo platform, where great games start.

22 June 2021 – Seattle, USA. Ludo, the world’s first AI supercharged platform for brainstorming new game concepts and developing game design documents, has today announced the availability of new collaboration features to aid creativity, communication and Game Design Document creation amongst distributed studio teams.  The new ‘Team Tier’ subscription is available immediately with a 30-day free trial and then just $50 per month per user.

With game development teams needing to work remotely more than ever before, it can be hard to keep the collective creative energy alive when trying to research and create new game concepts, never mind produce the game design documents needed to take those ideas forward.  The new feature updates to Ludo, will make remote creativity more engaging and efficient for studio teams wherever they are working:

  • GDD collaboration – Ludo already allows users automatically populate game design documents, but the new Team Tier subscription will allow studio teams to work on documents at the same time and add comments that other teams members can see
  • Slack integration – Ludo users will be able to integrate their account into popular communications and collaboration tool Slack, making it easy for teams to ‘meet’, enabling collaboration on game ideas, as well as tracking and discussing project progress.

In addition to new collaboration features, Ludo has added new features that help game studios keep their finger on the pulse of new trends, by allowing them to see the keywords and themes trending as searches on the Ludo platform, amongst its hundreds of users.  This, alongside existing Google Play and iOS App Store integration, means that studios can only see what is hot now, but make informed decisions that may inform their next smash title.

Ludo uses machine learning and natural language processing to suggest game ideas on demand – helping to inspire developers as they gamestorm. Users set parameters by providing keywords, natural language descriptions, game mechanics, or imagery and Ludo returns almost immediately with multiple written game concepts, artwork and images by analyzing its growing database of almost 1 million games and 2.5 million images. 

Tom Pigott, CEO of Jet Play, the developer of Ludo said, “It is hard to create great game ideas when your team can’t be together in the same room, and the pressure is on.  Switching between apps, and poor integration, can take all the momentum out of the brainstorming process too.  Our new Team Tier subscription and collaboration features are designed to make sure Ludo is the place where great games start, giving developers the tools they need to ensure nothing kills the creative spark, and keeps teams working as efficiently as possible while they develop great ideas.”

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