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The Game Development Process

So you want to make a chart topping game? It all starts with an idea.

The games industry is growing exponentially. It is fast paced, competitive and challenging. Every day hundreds of thousands of new games come to market and consumer demand has never been higher. Games developers are constantly challenged to feed this growing demand with unique new games. They also continue to recognise the tried and tested games mechanics that remain well loved and well played. Today, a lot of emphasis is put on UA, analytics, monetization, and LTV, but the reality is that the game comes first. You need a great game idea that people will love.

There are an abundance of tools and resources for developers. No code/low code environments make it quick and easy to bring games to the market, regardless of the team or studio size. But where to start? This blog looks at how to begin creating that next great game idea.

Where to start?

The greatest game often comes from a simple and compelling idea. One of the biggest challenges for game developers is keeping that stream of new games ideas coming. The ‘gamestorming process’ is becoming more and more critical to studios of all sizes. It is especially important in hypercasual studios where MVPs need to be generated quickly and tested.

All it takes is one great brainstorming session to come up with that golden idea. However, these sessions can take a lot of time and energy. Time that a lot of companies cannot afford in such a fast paced industry. This is particularly applicable to small and solo developers. Communicating the idea with a GDD (game design document), with all the accompanying research, can also be a lengthy process.

How can Ludo help?

Ludo turbo-charges the creative process in games development and takes a huge leap forwards through the power of AI. Our team of AI experts have created a powerful and hugely usable platform that continuously delivers great new games concepts. We have even created an automatic GDD that further streamlines the creative workflow.

Ludo aims to create efficiency during the gamestorming process. Simply input information into Ludo, and the platform generates unique concepts based on the keywords, game mechanics and images you have chosen. You can create something entirely new or blend existing games together. The main thing is you do what you do best – develop a great game. Ludo takes the pain out of conceptualisation, allowing you to truly create.

A creativity toolkit at your fingertips

The joy of Ludo is that everything you need for the creative process is at your fingertips. The access to millions of images alone has already wowed our users. As we grow, we will be adding more and more features including integrations with your favourite applications. And Ludo is continuously learning – the more the platform is used, the better it gets.

Ludo is making the games development process accessible for everyone. It gives every developer a chance to come up with the next big game idea. Could it be you?

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