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Writing can be a passion or a chore, but either way, it requires time and effort. If you've ever felt like you don't have enough hours in the day to get all your writing done, you're not alone.

Any writer or creator knows that the hardest part of the job is often just getting started. Facing a blank page can be daunting, and it's all too easy to get caught up in mundane tasks like researching or proofreading. This is where an AI writing assistant can be a real lifesaver. By taking care of the more time-consuming and repetitive aspects of writing, an AI can free up more time for creativity and plot development. And because it never gets tired or distracted, an AI can work much faster than a human, meaning that writers can get more done in less time. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, anything that helps writers save time and increase productivity is sure to be popular.

These powerful tools are designed to help you quickly generate ideas and expand on them in ways that you might not have thought of before. What's more, they are incredibly easy to use - simply type in a few keywords and let the AI do the rest. Not only will this save you precious time, but it will also help to inspire your creativity. Whether it's developing complex characters or plotting an intricate story, AI writing tools can give you more time to focus on the creative and meaningful aspects of writing that you love.

Jasper is an example of a writing AI tool that is easy to use and to understand. Like Ludo AI, it is a tool used to collaborate with people. They are both built on huge databases, so they are very reliable, they provide us with the resources we need to complete initial processes quickly and they are our best friends when it comes to research. Without human creativity, these tools would be useless.

So why not give one a try today? You might just be surprised at what you can achieve with all the time they save you.



…Gotcha! All of the above was written by AI itself (with a few human tweaks and oversight)! Was it obvious? We hope that we were able to highlight how undetectable using a tool like Jasper AI is when helping you with writing.

Maybe it is making notes from meetings, or for studying that take up the most of your time? Delaying time spent on the creative tasks at hand. Otter AI is another AI writing tool that transforms voice conversations into smart notes, as the conversations are happening! All you need to do is lead or listen to the great discussions that you are already having, and prepare how you are going to spend all the time you have saved.


Jasper AI, Otter AI and other similar writing platforms are not the only AIs that can save time. For those more artistically inclined, there are many options to reduce the painful brainstorming process, and time spent in front of a blank canvas. ‘This person does not exist’ is an AI that uses a generative adversarial network to create hyper-realistic human beings that, as its name suggests, do not really exist. Each AI-generated person could be used as a muse for an art piece. They could be used as the central focus, or to spark an emotion or story that the artist would like to represent. Seeing the variety and diversity of life that this AI is capable of creating is a form of inspiration in itself. ‘This person does not exist’ can inspire the artist without taking the creativity away from them.

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Perhaps you prefer making videos or podcasts, but dread the lengthy process of editing your work? With, editing is made efficient and smooth. The AI quickly and cleverly composes completely unique mood-based music to suit your creations. No more scrolling endlessly through royalty-free music sites or through each frame of your video to find the right moment, takes care of it all. Having the music personally and uniquely created also allows your content to stand out from competitors. Saving time on editing the musical elements of a podcast or video leaves more time for creating new concepts or topics, inspiring human creativity further.

With so many rumours circulating about AI being able to replace humans, we hope that this blog post was able to demonstrate that artificial intelligence is here to help. It can make life more efficient while reducing time spent struggling with writer’s block or even procrastination. AI can encourage us to spend time working on the things we love.

Designed for creatives, Ludo is your AI game creativity toolkit. If you're looking for inspiration for the mechanics or graphics of your game, Ludo is here to help. Let Ludo take care of the market research, come up with game concepts, and suggest visual ideas, so you can focus on what you love - making great games.

If you would like to try out any of the other AIs we have mentioned in this blog post, to save your time for creativity, the links to their websites can be found here:

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