Press Release: Ludo, the creativity toolkit for game developers, reveals world-first game creativity ‘Trends’ data centre

New data insights, served up in real-time, give studio and developer teams unique insight into game development trends worldwide

5th August 2021 – Seattle, USA. Ludo, the AI-powered creativity platform for game developers, continues to roll out a host of new productivity tools aimed at providing everything a developer needs to start the creation of their next successful game. Renowned for its unique game ideation features, Ludo recently announced the addition of Slack integration and GDD collaboration features. The platform’s latest asset is a unique data centre, designed to keep creative teams informed on the latest gaming trends and what game audiences are getting excited about. This new addition to the creative toolkit will provide invaluable information to studios and developers looking to create the next great game concept by establishing early what keywords, themes, and genres are trending daily on a world-wide basis.

In the fastest growing industry in the world, developing the next great game requires detailed research. Tracking the latest industry trends has become more crucial than ever to developers and studios looking to create their next hit game. Ludo’s unique data centre brings all the research a game developer might need under one roof. From data on popular game genres in a particular country, to popular themes and keywords across the platform, this data centre will make it easier for teams to keep their finger on the pulse and see what is hot right now in the industry, ultimately allowing them to make more informed decisions on where to take their new gaming concept next. The data centre allows trends on the platform to be filtered by:

  • Keywords – what words and phrases are being used in the most popular trending games right now
  • Themes – what themes and genres are users getting excited by currently, and how have these trends changed over a nominated period of time
  • Genre – what genres are most popular and where in the world this is the case
  • Styles – which style and look is getting the most attention on the platform
  • Mechanics – which game mechanics are audiences being driven towards currently

Ludo is the first platform to display gaming trends in such a unique way. With plans to release trending data on platforms such as Steam and, Ludo is the go-to platform for developers and studios looking to super-charge their creativity and stay in the know on what gamers and creators are finding exciting and innovative in the gaming industry worldwide.

“In such a fast-moving and constantly adapting industry, it’s more important than ever for developers and studios to keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest gaming trends when developing their next great idea.” says Tom Pigott, CEO of Jet Play, the founder and CEO of Ludo. “Ludo’s new trends feature will allow teams to analyze up-to-date, detailed, trending data which in turn will deliver invaluable insights and inspiration on what users are gravitating towards right now. This will ultimately benefit the development of projects in the short, medium, and longer-term.”Ludo uses machine learning and natural language processing to suggest game ideas on demand – helping to inspire developers. Users set parameters by providing keywords, natural language descriptions, game mechanics, or imagery and Ludo returns almost immediately with multiple written game concepts, artwork and images by analyzing its growing database of 1.2 million games and now 4 million images. Ludo is the AI tool that every game developer and creator should have on demand to elevate their game creation process.

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