Press Release: Ludo launches game-changing new Game Concept feature to support developers to plan, create and make great games
  • The ultimate creativity toolkit for developers has launched the first ever all-in-one game concepting template, saving studios hundreds of hours of design time
  • New Game Elements feature reduces the time that studios spend on game design by up to 50%

7 April 2022 – Seattle, USA. Ludo,the AI powered creativity platform for game developers, has launched the world’s first Game Concept creator. This new tool revolutionises the game creation process, quickly producing an integrated Game Design Document (GDD) at the click of a button. The Game Concept feature is free to use, and supports developers to create a gold standard GDD that can easily be exported and shared with publishers.

Ludo’s Game Concept feature is fully integrated with the platform’s many tools, including the Game Ideator, enabling developers to easily input characters, mechanics, storylines, levels, items, features and controls, with everything in one place at their fingertips. More than just an improved text editor, the presence of AI suggestions for new concepts in this new iteration of the platform make it completely unique.

The evolution of Ludo’s GDD into a unique Game Concept creator marks a move to a more rapid-flow, collaborative, ideas based workspace which can be used by any developer, student, studio or creator to ideate and present their ideas. Add to this Ludo’s state-of-the-art AI and machine learning features, and it’s easy to see why Ludo’s already sizable kit of creativity tools is a go-to for creators from every corner of the gaming industry.

Tom Pigott, CEO and Founder of Ludo says: “With the games industry continuing to grow at a remarkable rate, and more people than ever before keen to try their hand at creating games, making the development process as efficient as possible is crucial. Ludo’s complete creativity toolkit is the only platform dedicated to streamlining the game development creative process, allowing users to work efficiently and effectively.

“With our newly introduced Game Concept feature, we have succeeded in bringing together a wide array of useful tools to help creators to build an integrated GDD. This new feature is the result of Ludo’s research and the latest state-of-the-art AI. By having a range of creativity tools in one space, users can quickly conceptualise new game ideas, and create the perfect document to share with potential publishers.”

Ludo’s free online toolkit helps game developers to be more productive, with new features which have markedly improved the usability and efficiency of the platform. The Game Elements feature joins an already sizable kit of creativity tools, and has markedly improved the usability and efficiency of the platform. Users can now simply input a description of their game concept, or start from an already generated idea, and Ludo will quickly suggest hundreds of ideas for mechanics, game plots, characters, game universes, levels and many more. Ludo’s premium tools can save developers and creators hours of work and streamline their creative process, with the Game Elements feature alone reducing the time that studios spend on game design by up to 50%.

An improved UX integrates all of Ludo’s features, including the recently launched Image Generator, Daily Trends, Top Charts, and the Game Ideator. This means the platform is easier to navigate and more systematic to creators, ultimately allowing them to spend less time ideating and researching, and more time developing their concept and creating their next game.

In what is the fastest growing industry in the world – VentureBeat recently quoted PwC as saying the games industry looks set to grow by 4.4% year on year through 2025 – time is an invaluable resource. In launching these new features, Ludo has moved to streamline the game development process further than ever before, making it easier for developers to create their next games efficiently and effectively.

Everton Vieira, CEO and Co-Founder of IzyPlay Studios says: “It is important to have access to as many tools and as possible when developing your next game, especially when time is at a premium. Ludo’s data-driven platform helps produce games that are more likely to succeed within the industry.

“Our game ‘Adventure Miner’ was the product of using Ludo’s many tools and features. Blending games and genres within the hypercasual scene is almost guaranteed to produce exciting new concepts for games. Ludo is able to do this incredibly efficiently, and its wide array of tools ensures that studios are able to develop games that appeal to a wide audience quickly and effectively.”

Ludouses state of the art machine learning and natural language processing to instantly suggest game ideas and mechanics, review gaming trends, and consistently provide on-demand help to inspire developers and creators. Users set parameters by providing keywords, natural language descriptions, game mechanics, or imagery and Ludoquicklyreturns multiple written game concepts, artwork and images, by analyzing its growing database of 1.2 million games and over 4 million images.

The complete creativity toolkit, Ludo contains a number of unique features including Slack integration, ‘Instant Feeling Lucky Generations’, an Image and Icon Generator, and a vast data centre designed to keep developers up to speed on the latest gaming trends worldwide. With the introduction of a new free credit system, the platform and tools are now accessible to all, with paid tiers available to help businesses to expand their use of Ludo’s functionality.

Start creating now with Ludo, the game developer’s best friend. Visit to find out more.

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