Introducing The New & Improved Image Generator (2024) is proud to introduce our new and improved Image Generator, developed specifically for Indie Game Developers and Video Game Studios. While we have made various iterations and upgrades to our Image Generator tool in the past, this marks a significant milestone in the evolution of’s image generation technology.

If you haven’t heard yet, is a specialized AI-powered software platform for game developers that presents an array of design and research tools catered to the unique needs of the gaming industry. Our comprehensive suite of tools includes a Game Concept generator, an Image Generator, a Video Generator (in beta), and game market research and trends tools.

With's latest advancements in Image Generation, users can now produce video game imagery and concept art at much higher clarity, fidelity, and resolution than before.’s Image Generator is trained specifically on publicly available images of millions of video game titles. Users can input text prompts, select popular games, and use reference images to produce AI art, gameplay images, and concepts for their video games.

“We’re always focused on solving the specific needs of game designers and game developers. This new image generation model takes this to the next level, with unprecedented clarity and quality in the gaming domain” states Jorge Gomes, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Not Just A Generic Image Generator, But A Tool Designed For Video Game Developers


AI art generated by’s new and improved Image Generator

What sets apart from the competition in image generation is its prowess in creating gameplay-style images. Users can choose from a diverse range of artistic presets that the platform is known for, including but not limited to cartoon, anime, 2D, 3D, isometric, and pixelated styles.

“A lot of people are using image generation to generate assets for their games, including game icons and avatars using software such as Midjourney, Scenario AI, Layer AI, Leonardo AI, and so on,” notes Gomes.

Images generated by DALL-E 3.

“ showcases its unique capabilities if we compare them with other AI generators. For example, here's this prompt on DALL-E 3: "Cyberpunk endless runner in a futuristic city with neon lights, blocks style". While it looks really good, you can see it looks nothing like a game image.”

Using the same text prompt as above, generates video game and gameplay images that are game-centric and game-specific.

“The other applications that is already known for are our game ideation, brainstorming, and illustration of gameplay features to show to stakeholders. Game Design Documents and Game Idea Documents that are sent to publishers always have images illustrating the games. This again is supported by’s Gameplay mode - which can generate gameplay images right away for your project” says Gomes.'s Image Generation capabilities offer a valuable resource for artists and game developers because it is geared toward the gaming industry. What you can generate with is a higher accuracy in games, video gameplay, and art style.

Check out’s enhanced image-generating capabilities and start designing now!

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