Ask Ludo - the all-in-one research and ideation platform adds a brand new chatbot function to our game concept tool

Ludo continues to go from strength to strength in both its capacity to aid game professionals in their game ideation and development processes, and in its use of AI. Its newest addition is the ‘Ask Ludo’ AI chat assistant. This chatbot is available on the Game Concept feature and offers feedback and suggestions on your game concept within seconds of receiving a text prompt or question from you - the user. This tool is the latest example of the effective use of advanced AI technology within Ludo, and it promises to improve the user experience of the platform further still.

This blog will analyse this new function in more detail, including exactly where you can find it on the platform and the detailed nature of the responses it delivers. It will also discuss how important tools like this are to prospective developers, and how they can level up their game creation practices by using it in conjunction with other tools present on Ludo. Finally, this blog will assess how chatbots like ‘Ask Ludo’ are revolutionizing the games industry as a whole.

What is ‘Ask Ludo’?

So what exactly is the Ludo AI chat assistant, otherwise known as ‘Ask Ludo’? It was eminently possible to answer this question organically, using our own experiences of the tool to describe its functionality ourselves. But then we thought - what better way to describe this exciting new tool than to let it describe itself! After inputting ‘what is the Ludo AI chat assistant’ into ‘Ask Ludo’, it responded with the following:

‘The Ludo AI chat assistant is a computer program that uses machine learning techniques to simulate conversations between the player and the AI. The chatbot responds to player inputs and provides helpful advice and guidance.’

It is worth noting that ‘Ask Ludo’ provided this response merely seconds after being asked the question, demonstrating its incredible processing power and speed. This new function uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to understand the questions it is being asked and provide accurate and appropriate responses in double quick time. It is also capable of offering personalised recommendations based on previous interactions with users, making it an ideal tool for anyone looking for assistance with their own game concepts.

But just how important can chat assistants like these be to the game development process?

How important can chatbots be to game developers?​​

As AI technology continues to advance, chatbots are becoming an increasingly significant part of any game developer’s process. The speed with which these tools are able to generate personalized responses to a variety of questions make them an invaluable tool for creators and developers looking to streamline their game development process. 

These personalized responses, and the speed with which they are delivered, are not the only way chatbots and AI assistants are helping developers to speed up this process. ‘Ask Ludo’, like other tools of its kind, is able to automate tasks which some developers might find mundane and time-consuming by finding answers to certain questions quickly and efficiently. In the past, developers looking for guidance on areas they are unfamiliar with would be required to do their own research, and then consolidate this research into a solution to the problem they were facing. Chat assistants such as ‘Ask Ludo’ are able to perform tasks like these in seconds, allowing developers more time to focus on the ideation and creation process, whilst also reducing the costs associated with performing these tasks in person.

Chatbots and chat assistants are having a significant impact on the game development process, but what about the games industry as a whole?

How have chatbots revolutionized the games industry?

As well as enhancing the game development process for those looking to create their own games, chatbots such as ‘Ask Ludo’ are also revolutionizing the games industry for players. These AI powered tools are capable of providing feedback for players on their progress within a game, as well as providing tips and solutions to problems they encounter. There are even recent examples of AI chatbots providing advice to players on how they can improve their proficiency in certain gaming scenarios! 

The increased engagement that these chatbot tools provide has benefited, and will continue to benefit, both developers and players alike. As Forbes reported earlier this year, ChatGPT has already started to make its way into the games industry space, and it won’t be long before other mainstream text generators and chat assistants follow suit. Some are even predicting that the advanced NLP technology used in chatbots may soon be mapped on to certain in-game NPCs. All of the above is evidence of one key takeaway. As advancements in AI technology become more and more regular, the gaming experience will continue to become more immersive than ever before. 

Access ‘Ask Ludo’ right now!

The ‘Ask Ludo’ AI chat assistant can provide you with ideas and guidance on your next great game concept. It can provide answers to any questions you might have about the game ideation and development process in seconds, and it is available right now within the Game Concept tool on Ludo. Built by a team of experts, the platform is home to the newest and latest technologies that will revolutionise the game development process. The addition of this incredible new AI chat assistant tool only strengthens Ludo’s reputation as the best pre-game investment you can make. It uses cutting-edge AI and machine learning to help developers de-risk their next game idea.

For access to the ‘Ask Ludo’ tool and the Game Concept feature, try Ludo! If you’re a developer about to embark on your next game development journey, be sure to make Ludo a part of it! Sign up for Ludo now!

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