How AI Can Help Generate Ideas for Your Next Video Game

How AI Can Help Generate Ideas for Your Next Video Game

In today's rapidly evolving gaming industry, staying ahead of the curve and producing innovative video game ideas is crucial. Thankfully, with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, video game developers can now leverage advanced tools and platforms to generate fresh and engaging game concepts.

In this blog post, we will explore how some of these AI tools, including our very own game ideation platform, can help game developers generate exciting ideas for their next video game.

Generate Game Ideas with AI Tools (AI Idea Generator)

There are a number of AI-powered idea generator tools available that can help you come up with new game concepts. These tools may use algorithms to analyze existing games, game mechanics, and gaming trends to generate new ideas. Some popular AI idea generator tools include:

1- ChatGPT: An obvious choice on our list, ChatGPT is an advanced AI model that started the whole AI craze back in November of 2022. ChatGPT allows users to ask questions and prompt the Chat Bot to complete tasks such as proofreading and writing text or code. While the tool has certain limitations, it is continuously improved, and it is nonetheless a free tool that can be used to generate ideas that can potentially be adapted for video games.


2 - AI Dungeon: This tool uses GPT-3 technology to generate text-based adventures that can be used as inspiration for game ideas. While it is a novel tool, some of the speech and text recognition technology behind the platform could still be improved to provide better accuracy and responsiveness. Nonetheless, it is a viable option for video game developers if they need a starting point in creating a story, narrative, or world.

AI Dungeon

3 - A specialized AI platform for game developers, offers a wide range of features tailored specifically to the gaming industry and game developers. It includes a full suite of tools to generate game ideas, game concepts, and visual content such as game concept art, image generation, and video generation.

Game Concepts generated by’s specialty is offering game research tools such as Market Trends, Analysis, Top Charts, and Trending New Releases to find your next game theme or genre which can serve to back up your game design choices and not just your gut feelings. Ludo’s AI engine already integrates current trends with the ideator and is constantly learning and keeping results relevant to today’s market.

Ludo AI Market Research

Not Game Idea Generators, But Can Inspire Ideas or Concepts

The following tools are not precisely game ideators but are nonetheless AI tools that can help with brainstorming and conceptualizing visuals in the process of game ideation and creation.

4  - Scenario: An AI art, image generation, and asset creation platform that caters to the world of artists and game designers. Scenario’s focus is allowing users to create AI-generated game assets that are able to match a consistent look.


By uploading a collection of your own artworks, you can build and train your own AI engine in order to produce a style-consistent asset for your games. You can test out new artwork concepts and ideas with prompts and speed up your production of content that matches your art direction.​​​​​​

5 - Midjourney: Midjourney is a generative artificial intelligence program and service. It is currently one of the more powerful AI art / image generation tools on the internet. Users can create artwork and art concepts with Midjourney using image generation commands or “prompts” by interacting with a bot on Discord chat. Results can be astoundingly detailed, depending on how you interact with the AI, and how detailed your prompt descriptions are. A lot of experimentation is required to prompt the AI to come up with the exact output you are looking for.


While not directly geared towards the game industry or video game creation, artists and game developers alike can surely take advantage of Midjourney to rapidly prototype art concepts to be used in game development, advertising, and more.

How Video Game Developers Can Use’s Powerful Game Ideation Tool

While offers many great features for game developers, one feature of’s platform that we want to focus on for this blog is its Game Ideation tool.

With Game Ideator, video game developers can use a combination of text prompts, keywords, and game titles, along with pre-defined options or existing games, to generate brand-new game ideas and concepts.

You can also get AI suggestions and generations for different types of game concepts or game prototyping, such as ideas for game mechanics, main characters, storylines, images, and more.​​

Storyboard Your Game Ideas

Once you have an idea for your game, the next step is to storyboard it or organize your generated ideas and concepts into an actual Game Design Document (GDD).

Storyboarding your game’s story, characters, settings, and mechanics is easily achieved with’s Game Concepts feature. Here you can favorite all your AI-generated ideas, images, and mechanics from the Ludo platform and organize them into a centralized game document hub!​​​​​​​

Storyboard Your Game Ideas

You can then export this document into a PDF format to show it to your team for further brainstorming, presentations, pitches, and development approvals.​​​​​​​

Alternative Approaches to Brainstorming Games and Game Ideas​​​​​​

In addition to AI-powered tools, there are also a number of brainstorming games or exercises that you can play to generate new ideas. These games can be played alone or with a group, and they encourage you to think outside the box and explore new possibilities.

  • The Random Word Game: This game involves choosing a random word and using it as a starting point for a game idea. You can use an AI-powered word generator to come up with your starting word.
  • The What If Game: This game involves asking “What if?” questions and exploring the possibilities. For example, “What if the game was set in space?” or “What if the player had telekinetic powers?”
  • The Mashup Game: This game involves combining two unrelated ideas to create a new concept. For example, “What if we combined a racing game with a cooking game?”​​​​​​​

Enhancing the Creative Process with AI​​​​​​​

While AI tools like are excellent for idea generation and cater specifically to the needs of the gaming industry, it's important to remember that they should serve as aids rather than replacements for human creativity. Developers should view AI technologies as a tool to inspire and complement their own creative thinking.

By combining the power of AI-generated ideas with human expertise and imagination, developers can create video games that push boundaries and captivate players in new and exciting ways.​​​​​​​

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