The Future is Here:'s Text-to-Video Generator Tool Redefines Game Development

In the realm of game development, innovation has always been the driving force behind progress. In a world where AI technology is continuously advancing,, a pioneering entity at the intersection of AI and gaming, has raised the bar once again.

Leveraging the power of generative AI, is introducing the brand new, groundbreaking Text-to-Video Generator tool (now available in beta), poised to revolutionize the landscape of game creation. Not only can the Video Generator tool generate gameplay videos from text prompts, but it also allows developers to take existing video footage or stills and use it as a basis to experiment with how AI can augment the video.

This innovation in the world of generative AI promises to transform the ideation and development process for game developers by generating captivating gameplay videos (or what calls “Ludeos”) in a matter of seconds.

Rapid Video Game Prototyping - Now In Video!

At, we recognize the challenges that indie developers face in an increasingly competitive landscape. Our “Ludeo” Video Generator simplifies the ideation process, enabling developers to visually depict their game ideas swiftly.

In its beta format currently, can generate 3 to 10-second videos, giving developers a tangible preview of their game concepts. Much like our existing suite of AI-powered tools, we feel this addition will help minimize the time spent on game development by expediting the experimentation and prototyping process.

A Game-Changing AI Platform For Game Developers

With an array of tools for game ideation, image generation, and now video generation for the video game studio, is empowering creators at every stage of game development. This newest addition grants the unprecedented capability to visualize gameplay in full video motion for projects still in their conceptual phase, a literal “game-changer” for executives considering greenlighting new projects.

AI-generated video will be the next pervasive force in the industry by 2024, and is one of the first platforms to offer it. AI video generation will offer unprecedcented flexibility and speed, catalyzing the creative process in multiple industries including social media content creation, video games, advertising, TV, film, and more.

Our brand mission is about enhancing productivity and driving creativity. We believe AI will augment the role of game developers as curators and editors of game assets, providing a competitive edge for smaller game companies. We remain convinced that AI isn't the harbinger of job displacement, but instead a facilitator that streamlines repetitive tasks, empowering developers to focus on more innovative pursuits.

Looking ahead, has its feet firmly placed in the development battle for 3D video game asset generation, acknowledging its potential for user-generated content and its eventual integration into professional realms.'s Text-to-Video Generator tool represents a paradigm shift in game development, heralding a future where AI augments human creativity and efficiency, paving the way for a new era of innovation and accessibility in the gaming industry.

A Quick Guide on How To Use Video Generator

Similar to our Image Generator and Game Ideator features that you’ve already come to know and love, our Video Generator works in the same way.

Simply type in the text prompts, game titles, or keywords you want to generate. Then modify your input by choosing an art style, an aspect ratio (portrait, landscape, or square), duration length, and the option for “creative mode”, and click Start New Generation!

Like what you see? Click Favorite to add it to your saved creations, or click Download Result to save it to your computer.

You can even upload a reference video or image to produce a new “Ludeo” version of an existing creative asset!

A New Way to Ideate and Conceptualize Your Game

Similar to our Image Generator and Game Ideator features that you’ve already come to know and love, our Video Generator works in the same way.

Now you can generate gameplay and video game-related videos with the power of AI’s algorithm and machine learning system. Download your favorite video creations, add them to your favorites list, and combine them with your existing game design document under Game Concepts.

The possibilities are endless - start creating now!

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