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talking tom
roy rakoon, tom gold, talk tom
My Talking Tom 2Mighty TomHero Runner GameMy Talking Tom Friends
join blob clash
tall man, adventurous giant, donut race
ScaleManTall Man RunTall Man Run
playzone, expansive battlegrounds, battlegrounds
sand balls
pin balls, pull pins, garden balls
Pull the PinRope And BallsRope And Balls
scary teacher
prankster, prank, gifted girl
Perfect LiePerfect LiePrank Master 3D
makeup stylist
makeup games, stylist, eyeliner
Makeover Studio: Makeup GamesMakeover Studio: Makeup GamesMakeup Stylist -DIY Salon game
Trending Game Topics
Stay ahead of the competition by researching which game topics are rapidly on the rise, which are true chart toppers. Ludo’s AI powered game aggregation algorithm creates unique insights for developers to stay on top of the latest trends.
Trending Game Topics
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Always stay in the loop for new game release across the app stores. We track all games from the App Store, Play Store, Steam, and Itch. Ludo will show you insights about which topics are getting the most releases so that you won't miss the next big trend!
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Recently discovered a couple of games in the top charts that you would like to combine into something new? Just click on each one and let Ludo work its magic! Our AI-powered Ideator will instantly generate dozens of new combinations for you to choose from!
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