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slime labs
slime legion, ooze, blob
World of Goo RemasteredSlime Craft, Perfect RTS GameJelly Defense
right seat
untangle passenger, sort elevator, angry passenger
Seat Jam 3DSeat Jam 3DEscalators
zoo tycoon
family zoo, idle zoo, zookeeper
Animal WildlifeZoo - Happy AnimalsZoo 2: Animal Park
sneaker art
sneaker game, sneaker knowledge, diy
Sew 3DSneaker Art!Boxed Up - The Sneaker Game
flip runner
rank runner, hopscotch run, parkour dream
Jump GirlFlip RunnerShape-shifting
empire takeover
tower clash, big army, city takeover
Castle Raid!Conquer the Tower: TakeoverTown Rush
Trending Game Topics
Stay ahead of the competition by researching which game topics are rapidly on the rise, which are true chart toppers.’s AI powered game aggregation algorithm creates unique insights for developers to stay on top of the latest trends.
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Always stay in the loop for new game release across the app stores. We track all games from the App Store, Play Store, Steam, and Itch. will show you insights about which topics are getting the most releases so that you won't miss the next big trend!
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Research the market landscape for a specific game topic, or pitch your new game idea against other similar competing games. will show you how a game topic has been performing over time, and will tell you how likely it is for your new game to succeed in that landscape. Stop the guesswork and make well informed decisions for your next game.
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