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  • What is Search?’s Search tool is a unique feature that allows you to search for and browse millions of game titles to be used for inspiration, reference, conceptualization, and more. You can search for anything: games, game icons, and game screenshots. Search is the ultimate tool to look for games and their resources, without needing to sift through the many irrelevant or unrelated results that Google, Bing, or other search engines might give you. And we provide an extensive list of filters that you can use to further narrow down your search.

  • How do I start using the Search tool?

    Just like a search engine search bar, all you have to do is input any text phrase, game title, keyword, topic, or genre of game you’d like to search for and press the “Search” button. You can even upload game images or movies to start your search.

    You’ll be shown results from potential Games, Icons, and Screenshots results. You can choose to narrow your search results only to Games, Icons, or Screenshots.

    You can further narrow down the results using the filter options, see more in the question below.

  • What can I do with these search results?

    Feeling inspired? You can start generating a brand new Game Idea by clicking on the three dots menu and clicking “Generate based on this game”, or clicking the pencil icon to “Generate similar images” or “Generate similar icons”. You will open up the Game Ideator page or Image Generator page by doing so.

    Found a particular game you want to narrow down and focus your search results on? Click on the three dots menu and click “Search similar” to find more games based on this result.

    Don't forget you can click Favorite on your chosen games, icons, or screenshots to be saved for reference later or you can add it directly to a Game Concept project you’re already working on.

  • What do the available filters do?

    Genres: Filter the results by game genre(s).

    Platform: Filter by platform.

    Stores: Filter by the store in which the game is published.

    Release date: Filter by how long ago the game was initially released.

    Graphic style: Filter by the graphic style of the game.

    Colors: Filter by the game's or image's dominant colors.

    Top Developers Only: Only show results from well established developers/publishers.

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