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Market Analysis

  • What is Market Analysis?

    Market Analysis is a comprehensive research tool that finds games related to your game topic or idea and provides a detailed breakdown through many different statistics, allowing you to understand the dynamics of that game topic over time.

    The stats are broken down into:

    1 - Topic / Keywords / Genre (which highest-ranked games belong in this category)

    2 - Long-term popularity: Compares the success of the game topic against other topics in general in terms of new players.

    3 - Short-term trend: Measures the popularity of the game in the last week, and compares it with other topics or games in general.

    4 - Market accessibility: This measures the percentage of games in the topic that have reached the Top 500 overall most played games over the past year.

    5 - Game topic age: Measures how long ago the games in this topic have been released, on average. This can indicate whether the game topic is fairly recent, or if the games have been around for a long time.

    6 - Originality: Measures how unique the game topic is, in the sense of how many similar existing games are already out there.

  • What is Market Analysis used for?

    Market Analysis is used as a research tool to gain insights into specific statistics and metrics of your desired chosen game topic.

    The Market Analysis feature helps you evaluate the feasibility of your ideas by providing insights into current market trends, player preferences, and potential target audiences. This information aids in making informed decisions and refining your concepts to align with market demands.

  • How do I start using the Market Analysis tool?

    Type in a search term or use the keywords you’re looking for and click Add to Analysis. Ludo will create a game topic by finding existing games that are related to your search terms. You can see the created topic on the left in the topic list below the search bar. You will see the main keywords that define that topic, as well as the list of games that are part of it and some essential statistics.

    If you find that the created topic is too narrow (very few games), you can change the mode to "Wide" and try again. Conversely, if you think the created topic is to broad (too many games), change the mode to "Narrow" and try again.

    You can add up to five topics for comparison.