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Game Concept

  • What is the Game Concept tool?

    The Game Concept is a powerful tool that utilizes AI algorithms to create unique and diverse game concepts based on your preferences and input. By analyzing your inputs and existing game concepts, it generates innovative and exciting ideas to spark your creativity.

  • How do I start a new Game Concept?

    1 - If you want to start a new Game Design Document from scratch, press the purple plus sign (+) on the top menu bar to start a new blank document.

    2 - Once you’ve started a brand new document, start by giving it a title, and write a brief description of your game idea.

    3 - You are then free to add whatever sections you want to your document using the blinking Plus button in the document. You can either write the sections yourself, or use Ludo's AI suggestions (see the question below for more).

    4 - To add an icon and a header image to your game concept, click on the icon placeholder or the header at the top of the document to see the available options. You can use any images you might have saved previously, upload any images, or generate new images on the fly using Ludo's suggestions or the Image Generator.

  • Do I always have to start a Game Concept from scratch?

    If you don't yet have a good idea for your new game, you might want to start in the Game Ideator tool instead. Generate new game ideas in the Game Ideator, and when you see one that you like, you will have the option to start a new Game Concept document based on it, which can provide you a better starting point.

  • How do I add more game elements to my Document?

    1 - Click "Add Section", the purple plus sign in the document.

    2 - Choose the section you wish to add on the right sidebar (ex: Mechanics).

    3 - You will now see two options in the section: Suggestions and Generate New. "Suggestions" will let Ludo AI suggest some elements based only on the content already present in the document. "Generate New" is similar, but you have the option of providing some hints. Ludo AI will try to generate something that is related to your inputs (ex: swipe).

  • What is "Ask Ludo" and how does it help in refining ideas?

    "Ask Ludo" is a feature that allows you to engage in interactive conversations with an AI. You can discuss your initial concepts, get feedback, and refine your ideas through these conversations. Ludo AI provides valuable insights, suggests improvements, and helps you shape your ideas into more refined concepts.

    You can ask something about your game concept as a hole by clicking on Ask Ludo at the top of the Game Concept. Or ask some questions about specific document sections or game elements, by clicking on the Ask Ludo buttons available in those contexts.

  • How do I add/generate images into my Game Concept?

    Start by clicking “Add Section” (the purple plus sign).

    Then choose “Image Gallery” under "Standard Sections" at the bottom.

    There are a number of ways you can add an Image to your Game Concept:

    1 - Click “Suggest Art” to let generate a Concept art image for you based on the content of your document.

    2 - Click “Suggest Gameplay” to let generate a Gameplay image for you based on the game mechanics and theme you describe in your document.

    3 - Use "Image Generator". Type your keywords or prompts to generate an image using, and select one to add to your document.

    4 - Use Search Tool. Search for an existing game image and copy the image to use.

    5 - Find an image you have previously added to your Favorites.

    6- Upload or drag and drop your own custom image from your computer.

  • How do I add existing similar games to my document to use as references?

    Start by clicking “Add Section” (the purple plus sign).

    Then choose “Games” under "Standard Sections" at the bottom.

    Here are the following ways you can add an existing game to your Game Concept to be used as a reference:

    1 - Click “Suggestions” to let suggest a reference Game for you based on the content of your existing document.

    2 - Find a saved Game in your Favorites folder. This is assuming you’ve already been saving games from Top Charts, Trends, or Search tools.

    3 - Use Top Charts to find a game that is currently being played the most based on the game store you choose (Steam, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and more).

    4 - Use Trends to search for currently trending or popular games. You can filter by store, location, and genre.

    5 - Use Search to search for games across Ludo's entire game database. You can provide some keywords or search phrases, and use filters to narrow down the results.

    6 - If you already know the game you want to add, just type in the game title in the box and select it in the dropdown.

  • How do I export the Game Concept document?

    To export your Game Concept document, click on the share button in the top right of your document. You will have the options of exporting to PDF or sharing in Slack (Studio subscriptions only).