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Top Charts Blender

  • What is Top Charts Blender?

    Top Charts Blender is a tool that allows you to take top trending games, select them from their charts, and use them to blend them into brand-new game concept ideas.

    This allows for some truly unique combinations and removes the head-scratching brainstorming work of trying to come up with your own concept - saving you time and effort!

  • How do I start using the Top Charts Blender tool?

    1 - Firstly, load up the top charts by choosing which store, country, and genre you wish to choose your games from.

    2 - Then select the game you want from the top charts lists. Click on "Add to Ideator" (the lightbulb button next to the game title). Once you’ve selected a game, the Game Ideator tab will pop open. This pop-up tab is basically a miniature version of the Game Ideator feature, only now it can be used directly in the Top Charts Blender page to blend games.

    3 - Optionally, choose more games to add to your Game Ideator. Use the same process as described in (2). We don't have hard limits, but blending from 1 to 3 games typically works best.

    4 - Finally, click “Start New Generation” to blend your games into a brand-new idea! Save the ideas you like by adding to your Favorites, or take them to the next level by clicking on "Select this idea", which will start a new game concept document based on it.

    Remember to experiment and be as creative as you want to come up with unique results! Try removing games from the input list and replacing them with new ones.

  • Why is game blending important in the game ideation process?

    By combining elements and features from existing popular games, developers can tap into a proven formula for success while injecting fresh creativity and innovation. This method not only leverages the appeal of established gameplay mechanics and aesthetics but also allows for the introduction of unique twists and improvements. It creates a bridge between familiarity and novelty, making it easier for players to engage with and embrace new titles.

  • What information is shown for each game on the top charts?

    For each top charting game, you'll see the game icon, title, developer, and key stats like current rank, rank change, and primary genre/subgenre. Clicking into a game shows an overview with a description, screenshots, and charts showing the game's current trends.

  • Can I blend games if I don't see any I like on the top charts?

    If you want to combine one game you see on the top charts with another game not in the top charts:

    1 - Select the game in the top charts by clicking on the light bulb next to it.

    2 - In the input bar in the sidebar, start typing the title of the other game you want to blend.

    3 - When the game appears in the dropdown, select it.

    Alternatively, you can use the Game Ideator tool, where you can type in whatever game titles or keywords you want.

  • How many games should I select to get the best blending results?

    We recommend selecting anywhere from 1 to 3 games to blend for the best results. Adding more games is possible but may lead to overly complicated or unfocused blending. Feel free to experiment with different numbers and combinations of games to get a variety of results.

  • What do I do with the blended game ideas that are generated?

    After generating blended game ideas, you can:

    • Select a favorite idea to open and expand upon in the Game Concept tool
    • Add the ideas to the favorites by clicking on the heart button.
    • Click "Generate More Ideas" to get more results using the same inputs.

  • What top charts are available in the Top Charts Blender?

    You can find the Top Charts for App Store, Play Store, and Steam. For App Store and Play Store, you choose on the available countries, and one of the supported game genres.

  • How often are the top charts updated?

    We update our top charts data every day to ensure you have access to the latest trends and rankings. Keep in mind that the app stores themselves update at different cadences, typically every 24-48 hours. So while fetches the latest available data daily, the actual rankings may be from the previous day depending on the store's schedule.