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  • What is the Favorites page?

    The Favorites page is an area of the app that stores the items you’ve saved. These items could be game ideas, images, elements, or reference games you’ve searched for and found.

    These elements are saved to Favorites so you can easily find them again in one place without losing any of your work progress.

  • How do I start using the Favorites tool?

    As you start browsing and use the Image Generation, Game Ideator, and Research tools, you can click the Favorite or “heart” icon to save your creations or search results.

    Depending on which item you click Favorite, they appear on your Favorites page tab. They will be sorted into the following categories: Game Ideas, Game Elements, Games, and Images.

  • How do I add items to my Favorites?

    Click the Favorite or “heart” icon to save your AI-powered creations, ideas, elements, and images. You can also save games from your search results that you wish to track or use as reference games.

    Then visit the Favorites page tab from your navigation menu to access everything you saved.

  • What can I do with my Favorited items?

    Now that you have your saved items stored on your Favorites page, you can choose which one you want to be added to a Game Concept project.

    You can either create a new Game Concept out of your saved item or add to an existing Game Concept you’ve already been working on.